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"Android Internals: A Confectioner's Cookbook" is a new book by Jonathan Levin, author of "Mac OS X and iOS Internals: To The Apple's Core". It is the first book to deal exclusively with the internals of the world's most popular mobile operating system. Like the OSX/iOS book, it provides an unprecedented level of detail on previously undocumented subjects, illuminating the darkest corners of the Android frameworks, native libraries and kernel.

If you are a power user, developer, kernel hacker or Android implementor - this is the book for you. An odyssey in three volumes, each focuses on a different perspective of the system. The architecture is explained through the use of detailed diagrams, examples and interactive experiments. Input, Audio and Video architectures are covered in dedicated chapters, as well as security. The necessary Linux foundations, especially in kernel mode, are also detailed.

This site is its companion web site, providing additional resources, downloads and updates.

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2014/5/15 - An article detailing the HTC One M8 WeakSauce Exploit
2014/5/15 - Chapter 21 - Security - Free download L update included in book!
2014/6/28 - Dexter - DEX/OAT dumping tool for chapter 10 - Free download
2014/8/3 - Chapter 3 (Boot) Extra: Reversing Android's Aboot
2014/8/15 - Chapter 4 Excerpt - healthd and lmkd
2014/9/12 - Chapter 2 Excerpt - /data, detailed (including forensics)
2014/10/03 - Android Power Management, detailed

2014/11/19 - Andevcon talk - Security
2015/01/01 - Android application backup & Recovery
... - Notes from a Nexus 9 (Boot loader, etc)
2015/07/29 - Bin Dump (view Android IPC enpoints via /sys/kernel/debug)
2015/07/31 - Android Input Architecture (AnDevCon Presentation, from Volume II)
2015/12/01 - ART/Dalvik talk from Andevcon Santa Clara 2015
2015/12/01 - DexTRA
2015/12/02 - In A Bind - Binder/IPC Internals - the painful detail (excerpt from Volume II, Chapter 11)
2016/04/01 - JTrace - Augmented, Android Aware, Modular strace(1) utility
2016/04/04 - ImgTool - A tool for unpacking/creating Android boot partition images

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