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Nov 8th 2020 UPDATE:

Still working intently to finalize the books for Android 11. Also aiming to have both Vol I & II out together, possibly as soon as this month (the 60% thicker volume I is about ready, but I shudder to release it again without the highly anticipated Volume II).

Meanwhile, you might want to check out the Table of Contents, as well as updates I've made to jtrace, imjtool, and the slowly expanding Android Device Database.

As I've said before - If I needed more motivation to throw myself into it, COVID-19 sure provided it.. This is happening, and this year. Till then, stay healthy, y'all.

Please do not send money for the older edition anymore - It is effectively out of print. The revised edition will, in effect, be an entirely new "second edition", so I am suspending the first edition sale (and it's free in PDF anyway, below!) until it is ready.

03/10/2017: Important announcement:

As some of you know, The WikiLeaks dump of "Vault7" contained, among other things, a 2015 copy of my "Android Internals" book, since Technologeeks provided training for them. Though by now a bit outdated, it's still a high quality, color PDF updated for Marshmallow PR1, and is about 85% the same as the existing book I provide, which is updated to Nougat 7.1 - Android changes rapidly, but the core isn't radically different.

Apparently, WikiLeaks can exercise discretion in not leaking binaries (which is what was actually worth something in that otherwise disappointing dump), but cannot do so with copyrighted material. Although a certain CIA agent was clearly in violation of my book terms of use by posting it on their Intranet, I can't sue anyone there. Nor can I sue WikiLeaks for their blatant disregard of law (save that of their puppetmasters), or copyright infringement. So I've decided to make that PDF copy absolutely free, and rather than getting it off a dump (which I would strongly caution, considering PDF 0-days aren't hard to find..), you can get it right here. For the impatient, that's:

Right here

NO, I cannot retroactively refund everyone who bought the book, but I do thank you for respecting the insane amount of work I put into it, and not releasing the PDF publicly. I will still maintain updates for whatever Google concocts with Android O, and naturally all my tools will remain free.

I hope you enjoy the book, and encourage you to look at the Technologeeks Training we offer on it. And thank you all for your interest!

"Android Internals: A Confectioner's Cookbook" is a new book by Jonathan Levin, author of "Mac OS X and iOS Internals: To The Apple's Core". It is the first book to deal exclusively with the internals of the world's most popular mobile operating system. Like the OSX/iOS book, it provides an unprecedented level of detail on previously undocumented subjects, illuminating the darkest corners of the Android frameworks, native libraries and kernel.

If you are a power user, developer, kernel hacker or Android implementor - this is the book for you. An odyssey in three volumes, each focuses on a different perspective of the system. The architecture is explained through the use of detailed diagrams, examples and interactive experiments. Input, Audio and Video architectures are covered in dedicated chapters, as well as security. The necessary Linux foundations, especially in kernel mode, are also detailed.

This site is its companion web site, providing additional resources, downloads and updates.

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2014/5/15 - An article detailing the HTC One M8 WeakSauce Exploit
2014/5/15 - Chapter 21 - Security - Free download L update included in book!
2014/6/28 - Dexter - DEX/OAT dumping tool for chapter 10 - Free download
2014/8/3 - Chapter 3 (Boot) Extra: Reversing Android's Aboot
2014/8/15 - Chapter 4 Excerpt - healthd and lmkd
2014/9/12 - Chapter 2 Excerpt - /data, detailed (including forensics)
2014/10/03 - Android Power Management, detailed

2014/11/19 - Andevcon talk - Security
2015/01/01 - Android application backup & Recovery
... - Notes from a Nexus 9 (Boot loader, etc)
2015/07/29 - Bin Dump (view Android IPC enpoints via /sys/kernel/debug)
2015/07/31 - Android Input Architecture (AnDevCon Presentation, from Volume II)
2015/12/01 - ART/Dalvik talk from Andevcon Santa Clara 2015
2015/12/01 - DexTRA
2015/12/02 - In A Bind - Binder/IPC Internals - the painful detail (excerpt from Volume II, Chapter 11)
2016/04/01 - JTrace - Augmented, Android Aware, Modular strace(1) utility
2018/03/04 - Reconstructing the Kindle (FireOS) /system image
2020/04/04 - ImjTool - A tool for unpacking/creating Android boot partition images - Four years later, revamped and improved!

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