J's Android Device Database

ImjTool is very handy for working with firmware images


The Android Device Database aims to capture shell command output from representative Android devices, so that researchers will be able to get an idea of device and vendor idiosyncrasies even if they don't have the actual device for testing. The idea is to run a few common commands and a few tools of mine, capturing the output. This will take 2-3 minutes if you have a device, and will benefit many others who don't. I will add the firmware images so as to help static analysis.

This is a work in progress. Check Pixel 4 or Fire HD 10 for a sample



SoCPhone model
SnapDragon 636 (SDM636)Motorola One Power (Thanks @Hasaber8!)
SnapDragon 735 (SM7150) Redmi K30 (Thanks, @kacskrz!)
SnapDragon 821 (msm8996)Pixel (XL)
SnapDragon 835 (msm8998)Pixel 2 (XL)
SnapDragon 845 (SD845)Pixel 3 (XL)
HTC Exodus 1
One Plus 6 (Thanks, @SavioLukio!)
SnapDragon 855 (SD8150)Samsung S10+ (US/CA)
Pixel 4 (Partition images)
SnapDragon 865 (SD8250)IQOO3 (Many Thanks, Kishan Vyas of XDA!)
OppoFindX2Pro (Many Thanks to Chen Tingyi!)
Nubia RedMagic 5G
SnapDragon 888 (SD8350)Xiao Mi Mi11 (Many MANY thanks to Ge, who rooted his Mi11!)

Samsung (Exynos):

SoCPhone model
Exynos 9810Galaxy S9 (non-US)
Exynos 9820Galaxy S10 (non-US)
Exynos 990Galaxy S20/S20Ultra (non-US) - Many thanks to A. Thomas!!

Kirin (Huawei):

SoCPhone model
Kirin659LLD-L31 (Honor 9 lite)
Kirin820Honor 30s
Kirin970P20 Pro
Kirin980P30 Pro

MTK (MediaTek):

SoCDevice model
MT6580 (lowly 32-bit)"S20" knockoff... (partitions)
...Amazon Echo Dot (1st Gen)
MT6757 (P20)Sony Xperia A1 Ultra (Thanks, Dmitry!)
MT6765 (P35)Vivo Y83A (Partition images) (Thanks to Diplomatic's excellent mtk-su root!)
MT6889 (Dimensity 1000)Vivo iQOO Z1 5G
MT8183Amazon Fire HD 10 (2019) (Partition images)

UniSoC (Spreadtrum):

SoCDevice model
SC6820iSamsung Galaxy Star Plus (Thanks, Dmitry!)
SC9832eAlldocube iPlay 7T

Want to contribute?

Get adb shell to a (preferably rooted) device with a chipset not listed here, and run the following commands:

The easiest way to get all this output is by running "script" on your MacOS or Linux host before "adb". this logs everything you do (until you type "exit") into a file called "typescript" - which is what I need. Thank you!

If your device identifies as a known chipset listed here, it probably doesn't make sense to list it here unless the outputs of the above commands greatly differ (e.g. service list) or are from some esoteric brand.

If you can help, feel free to email me - ddb@... And I thank you in advance.